There are different stages in the mould making process that we can offer.

  • Modelling of different shapes and sizes to intricate work like embossment on holloware (i.e., teapots and cups), flatware (i.e. plates and saucers) and figurines. If you have a drawn design and measurements, we can bring the design to life using either clay or plaster mediums to model in.
  • Blocking is the process of producing the first mould, which is called the original block. These can be a simple one part drop out mould to a more complex mould with multiple parts. When you are blocking you have to bear in mind the casing process to ensure the following stages are not compromised.
  • Casing is made from the original block. This can be cased either in a hard-wearing plaster or a silicone rubber, again this may be a simple one-part case or a complicated multi-part case depending on what you are producing.
  • Moulds from the case we can now produce the required number of working moulds, which are then dried in our industrial dryer so they are ready for use when you receive them.